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5 Reasons Why I love Instagram

5 Reasons Why I love Instagram

There are lots of complaints on Instagram nowadays about the algorithm and the lack of engagement.  My growth of followers has been steady and I am happy with the comments and likes that I receive but the algorithm has definitely changed the app.  Of course I often wonder why others have more followers or why one of my photographs gets more likes than another that I consider to be better but I don't stress about it too much.  For me, Instagram is much more than just likes and followers and I have written about the five main reasons why I love it.

Just over a year and a half ago I discovered the curated gallery side of Instagram.  Previously I had only ever used it for personal use and thought that others did too.  It was through the magazine Mollie Makes that I read about the accounts of @emilyquinton and @allison_sadler_ who I looked up and became instantly hooked on their photographs and accompanying stories.  Since then I think it is fair to say that I have had a mild obsession with Instagram and can thank it for the reasons that I have listed below.

1.  My confidence in my own creativity has grown.  When you are receiving likes and comments on photographs that you have taken it really does boost your confidence especially if you are photographing your own creations.  I have always had positive feedback from friends but this is like anything and almost taken for granted.  To receive such lovely comments from virtual strangers is really self affirming and for me, priceless.

An example of my work styled and posted on Instagram.  The wonderful feedback that I receive really has boosted my confidence and encouraged me to develop my creative business.

2.  My photography has improved.  When I look back to when I first started to curate my gallery I can't believe how bad my photographs are.  They have bad lighting, are over filtered and just poorly laid out.  At the time I thought they were great but now I can really see the progress that I have made.  This development of my skills has really made me self critical in a good way.  I still don't think my photographs are perfect but I know how I want to improve further.  By constantly posting photographs on Instagram means constant practice and can only result in improved pictures.

3.  I have met some really lovely people.  If you had asked me a couple of years ago if I would meet up with strangers who I have met over the internet I would have definitely have said no.  Through Instagram I have met lots of new people who have all been so nice.  Meeting people through a common interest is so good because you can talk and talk about your passions.  I don't know about you but a lot of my friends aren't into the same things as me so it's really great to meet others who are.  A highlight for me was Sisterhood Camp in June 2017.  I went on my own for this three night retreat and was so excited and nervous at the same time.  It did me the world of good and I plan to write a separate blog post on this.

Photograph taken by @capturebylucy of the wonderful women that I met at Sisterhood Camp Retreat in June 2017.

4.  I have found out about new amazing places.  The good thing about following like minded people is that they suggest places to visit and things to do that you also would love.  I have visited some places that I would probably never heard of without Instagram.  Also when I am visiting somewhere its so nice to be able to ask my followers for recommendations.  On a recent trip to Bristol I had some excellent suggestions of places to go from people that actually live there.  How brilliant is that?  Sharing inside information for nearly anywhere you go by people who enjoy the same things.  It's like reading a personalised Rough Guide.

Inspired by accounts of @owlemma and @hannahargyle we visited Marrakesh in February and loved it.  

5.  It provided the perfect escapism.  I love seeing snippets into other people's lives.  For me Instagram is like a huge, free magazine.  I can look at photographs of interiors, food, personal and travel to name but a few things that interest me.  I know it can be criticised for putting a rosy glow on everything but what's wrong with that?  I've always got a bit excited walking on a dark evening when people leave their curtains slightly ajar so I can nosily peer in.  My hope is that I am going to see a beautiful scene with a happy family perhaps cosily sat around the fire or eating dinner at a well dressed table.  I don't look in the hope that I can see a messy lounge with a slobby family dressed in egg stained dressing gowns!!  I do love that a lot of people that I follow keep it real in their comments but I enjoy seeing the beautiful photographs.  They can really brighten my day, or provide a relaxing bit of escapism after a long day at work (and if I'm honest when I'm at work sometimes). 

A visit to Cotswold Lavender was inspired by seeing other photographs (such as @kerryvillers , @hannahargyle  and @gingerlillytea ) on Instagram.  It was a day of pure escapism.

So those are my reasons why I love Instagram.  I'd love to know why you love it too, or even why you don't. 



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