About my work


It all started one summer holiday...

I had an afternoon to myself and decided to get my sewing machine out for the first time since having my son.  I created some applique and machine embroidered pictures and put photographs of them on Facebook.  I had some lovely encouragement from friends and had forgotten the feeling to be proud of something creative that I had created.  That was it, my creative bug had come back.  I had lost it for a while since leaving university and felt so excited to have it back.  From then I accidentally signed up for a local craft fair which and created my Facebook page.  That was three years ago now and since then I have taken part in many successful craft fairs, set up my own Etsy shop, created a website and gained a lot of followers on Instagram.  My work has developed a lot of those years and my machine embroidery skills have become more refined.  I have sold work locally and sent it as far as Australia and America.  I am very proud of my achievments so far but have many more exciting plans for the future.  

Craft fairs are so inspiring and encouraging.  Meeting like minded, creative people is so wonderful.  The Paperdolls Handmade Market in Digbeth, Birmingham was my favourite craft fair so far.  

I love styling my stalls at craft fairs and am often complemented on how it looks.  


Me at Paperdolls Handmade Market in Birmingham.